Ecocal removes limescale and white stains from walls, facades and bricks

Nowadays it’s easy to remove limescale yourself, provided that you use the right tools and product. A common phenomenon is limescale, white stains, or in technical terms “saltpeter formation”, on facades and walls. Ecocal is the ideal product for removing stubborn limescale from your facades.

Ecocal removes lime, urine, salt efflorescence, algae and moss, rust from steel and iron, and oxidation from copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel.

  • Very economical: 1 liter is sufficient for 8 m2.
  • Available in 0,5 / 1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.
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Ecocal: Specifications and features

Ecocal – can be used for the removal of limescale, salt stains, urine stone, salt efflorescence, nitric acid, oxidation stains on walls, bricks and facades.


  • Removes lime and salt deposits, urine stone, salt efflorescence, nitrate, oxidation stains and cement residues.
  • Removes algae and moss.
  • Removes rust from steel and iron.
  • Removes oxides of copper, brass, bronze and stainless steel.
  • Helps prevent algae and mold growth.
  • Non-flammable and non-explosive.
  • Available in 0,5 / 1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.

Ecocal can be used on:

Met Ecocal kalkaanslag verwijderen



Ecocal verwijdert vliegroest op staal


Ecocal porcelein behandelen


Algen- en mosgroei voorkomen met Ecocal


Kalkaanslag verwijderen met Ecocal

Bronze/Stainless steel

Ecocal removes:

Ecocal verwijdert kalkaanslag


Zoutuitbloeiingen verwijderen met Ecocal

Salt deposits

Ecocal verwijdert vliegroest

Flash rust

Salpeter vlekken verwijderen met Ecocal


Ecocal verwijdert oxidatie


Algen en mos verwijderen met Ecocal


Remove limescale with Ecocal
Remove whit stains and limescale with Ecocal
Ecocal removes salpeter of your wall
Salt deposits removal with Ecocal


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Ecocal: application

How Ecocal is used:

Ecocal can be applied with a brush or low pressure sprayer. Let Ecocal soak until the foaming is stopped (few minutes). Then rinse with lots of water and clean the applied area thoroughly with a hose or pressure washer.

It can take a few applications before the stains are gone. If necessary reapply Ecocal again and follow the procedure.

Using Ecocal on a stone that contains aluminum and limescale, it’s possible to dilute Ecocal 1:40 with water. The effect of Ecocal is even greater when the diluted water is heated.

Note: sometimes the chemical composition of the limescale does not react with Ecocal and the white stains will not disappear. Ecocal only works on calcareous stone and mortar.

Depending on how much limescale is present in the facade, it could happen that it returns on a later date. Therefore, it is wise to at least protect these parts of the wall/facade by waterproofing it with Oppercon. Oppercon contributes to suppress the white spots from returning and also making your facade/wall water- and dirt repellent.

For more information about how to remove limescale yourself, please click here.

Note: sometimes the chemical composition of the limescale does not react with Ecocal. Therefor the white stains will not completely disappear. Ecocal has a tendency to work well on calcareous stone and mortar/grout.


Use how much Ecocal:

Depending on tenacity of the stain, 1 litre of EcoCal is sufficient for 8 m2.


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Ecocal can be used on:

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Steel / iron / metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain


Ecocal can be used for:

  • Facade and wall
  • Paving


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