Make your concrete permanently waterproof

Permacon is a water-based, odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable liquid. That is easily applied with low-pressure spray on all types of concrete and stone (use a paintbrush / brush for smaller areas).

For use on all types of stone and concrete!

Concrete (new and old), brick, stone, limestone, plaster, terracotta, paving floors, walls, screed, and much more!

  • Very economical: 1 liter is sufficient for 4 m2. 
  • Life long guarantee.
  • Available in 1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.
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Permacon: Specifications and features

Permacon makes concrete permanently waterproof. It makes your concrete permanently impervious and free of algae and mold.


  • Promotes density, strengthens and hardens the surface.
  • Helps concrete to harden evenly during curing and prevents cracks.
  • Makes concrete waterproof.
  • Extends the durability and life of concrete.
  • Prevents rising water.
  • Prevents algae, fungi and moss attaching to the surface.
  • Prevents dust and carbonation loss.
  • Prevents freeze / thaw damage and penetration of oil, grease, acids, etc.
  • Paintable (with any type of surface finish).
  • Water based.
  • Resists hydrostatic pressure.
  • High alkalinity and acid resistant.
  • Non-toxic, human and environmentally friendly.
  • Available in 1 / 2,5 / 5 / 10 / 25 Liter.

Permacon can be used on:

Waterproof concrete with Permacon


Make brick water repellent with Permacon


Algae and moss free paving with Permacon


Natural stone water repellent with Permacon

Natural stone

Impregnate terracotta with Permacon


Impregnate stones with Permacon


Permacon prevents:

Permacon prevents penetration of fluids

Fluid penetration

Permacon prevents rising damp

Rising water

Permacon - prevent carbonation


Permacon prevents oil and grease stains


Permacon prevents limescale


Permacon prevents algae and moss growth


Impregnate concrete with Permacon
Permacon makes concrete waterproof
Make concrete waterproof with Permacon
Permacon makes your concrete floor 100% waterproof


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Permacon: application

What Permacon does:

Permacon ensures that the first 1 inch from the surface is saturated with an insoluble gel.

The gel is composed almost entirely of water, Permacon fills the capillary pore system of the surface. The same way water does, but without the negative side effects of water. Permacon does this in a stationary, non-liquid form. Through the presence of Ca (OH) 2-, free inert silicates and alkali Permacon will reinforce and saturate the capillary pore system permanently.

Permacon stops the process of water migration in concrete in which all suspended solids are made ​​immobile, this also applies in any of the concrete itself contained harmful substances such as chlorides, sulfates and other pollution of various kinds.

Ions cannot move or evaporate in or from the concrete, neither from the gel itself or within. Neither diffuse or move throughout the concrete in some form or another. The full saturation of the capillary pore system within the concrete itself, will resist high hydrostatic pressure so displacement of the material cannot be induced.

The result is a water-saturated surface with full protection, but without the disadvantages of liquid water. Permacon makes concrete solid, immovable and impenetrable and with a near-normal water vapour permeability. The material continues to “breathe” so the vapour permeability is maintained, proper water management is ensured in this way. Permacon guarantees a longer aesthetic and practical durability of concrete material and structures made ​​thereof.

After the Permacon treatment, you can finish the surface with a coating of your choice. However, this is not necessary for the durability of the concrete.


How Permacon works:

Permacon penetrates the concrete from the surface and reacts with the free alkali material and water. This reaction forms a gel-like substance which saturates the capillary pore system.

The free alkaline substance, will become an integrated and permanent part of the concrete structure. On a permanent high alkalinity, partly chemically and partly physically, Permacon makes the concrete permanent water- and acid proof.

Permacon has the same coefficient of expansion as concrete itself. Despite the water the concrete will not expansion at freezing temperature, it moves with the concrete.

Permacon is highly alkaline, highly acid resistant and has no silicone or any petrochemicals. It is fully human and environmentally friendly, it contains no solvents but water. This important characteristic, that contributes to the unique formula that gives concrete a permanent protection.


How to use Permacon:

Apply two sprays/layers of Permacon with a low pressure sprayer with 2-6 hours in between the first and the second application.

For treatment, the surface needs to be completely stripped of organic debris or pore-sealing layers as paint or other obstructive material which could stop Permacon from penetrating the surface.

On hot days the concrete will be hot as well, so on these days we recommend to apply a water spray before you apply Permacon. Then wait until the surface is dried up again (you can see this easily enough by looking at it), then start with the first Permacon application.

  • Preparation:
    The surface needs to be clear of any organic and pore-sealing materials like paint or other obstructive materials. The surface should also be free of cracks bigger then hairline cracks and holes. These need to be fix before you continue. Permacon should NOT be applied on a wet surface.
  • How to apply:
    Spray Permacon with a low-pressure nozzle equally across the surface without creating puddles. Permacon will penetrate the surface really quick (the surface tension of Permacon is practically zero), for that reason you might think that “have I sprayed there yet” because it will dry really quick, so once you been at one spot, no need to go back.
  • The second spray:
    Note: The moisture content of newly poured concrete -when it has sufficient ripeness but hasn’t hardened completely out yet- will be relatively high. In that case the second spraying should be applied 24-48 hours after the first spray in exactly the same manner. With existing (old) concrete the second spray can be applied 6-12 hours after the first application.
  • At high temperatures:
    In case the concrete is very dry, like on a windy or warm day we recommend you spray the concrete surface with a layer of tap water, before you apply, in between and afterwards. The second application with Permacon can be done once the surface dried up yet again. Permacon is water based and nontoxic and none flammable product. But we do recommend you wear gloves and in case your above shoulder height, we recommend wearing goggles as well.
  • Rain:
    If you can avoid rain it would be better of course, but It’s not an real problem when it rains after the application has been done; Permacon disperses quickly in the surface and will therefore not be washed away. The actual reaction within the capillary-pore-system will continue. Permacon has hardly any surface tension and it will disappear into the concrete surface very quickly. The property of very low surface tension, to be able to penetrate the concrete very quickly on its own power, is one of its special characteristics.

If something is not clear or you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help.


Use how much Permacon:

1 liter Permacon is sufficient for an average of 4 m2.


The difference between Permacon, Oppercon and Cementmix:

Permacon can be applied to any cementitious surface (concrete, stucco, concrete bricks, stone bricks, marble, gypsum or porous natural stone etc.). Its simplicity as for the application techniques, makes it most convenient for the treatment of walls, floors, ceilings and any structure made with these materials, in any form and size.

Permacon is very suitable under hydrostatic pressure for concrete ending up underneath the soil, like basements, foundations, sewage pipes, tunnels or with floor heating etc. after you’ve applied Permacon. Unlike Oppercon, which is a repellent agent, it’s possible to add a finish paint, cement or any kind of finish you wish. Guaranteeing a perfect, durable and waterproof surface.

Oppercon is a surface treatment repellent agent for concrete, stone and stony materials.
Without leaving any visible trace of its presence, it will, unlike Permacon, make the surface of these materials waterproof, water repellent and UV-resistant. Because of its repellent properties, it means that a finish, like paint, cement or any kind of finish is not possible. The Oppercon treatment should be repeated after 15 years.

Cementmix replaces water and makes all kinds of cement, concrete, self-leveling mortar etc., through-and-through water- and liquid proof. This applies to both the surface, as for the underlying layers. Any finish like paint, cement or any other kind, is not possible. The treatment is permanent.


Also see our frequently asked questions.

Permacon can be used on:

  • Concrete (new and old)
  • Brick
  • Concrete / Concrete tiles
  • Gypsum
  • Lime Sand Stone
  • Natural stone
  • Terracotta


Permacon can be used for:

  • Paving
  • Balcony
  • Screed (concrete screed, floor)
  • Garage / Basement (concrete floors and walls)
  • Floors / walls that are subject to liquids such as oil, gasoline, etc.
  • Swimming pools and fishing ponds


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