Woodcon makes your wooden fence waterproof.

In our densely populated cities, where homes and gardens are closely together, the fence is an important element. The fence gives us some tranquility and privacy in our own garden, no matter how busy the world around us is. Putting up a fence yourself is a job you have to prepare for. Even though you can do it yourself, any extra help is most welcome. You have to take in consideration that a fence has a large surface and will catch a lot of duress on a windy day. This is sometimes overlooked, when putting up a fence when the sun is shining.

Therefore, the fence has to be anchored firmly into the ground. For the durability of your fence it’s also important to waterproof the wood, because rain, snow and frost will attack the durability of the wood of your fence. In this blog we explain all the aspects involved in putting up a fence and give some tips on how to protect it against the elements for a durable and long lasting fence, by waterproofing the wood.

Putting up a wooden fence

Almost every timber yard, garden center or DIY-store offers fencing wood and all other necessities for putting up a great wooden fence. The concept of poles that are placed evenly in the ground is the most common way. All fence parts and accessories are available in many varieties and materials that can be installed between the poles. Of course there are all kinds of alternatives, but in this blog we will stick to this method. There are a lot of descriptions available and the exact details are often dependent on the used materials and personal preferences, but below we will give some tips for a nice and durable fence.

Woodcon impregnates your wooden fence.

Lets focus on the most important part, the poles. With poles that are placed evenly from each other, we have to make sure that they are put into the ground correctly, so when force is applied on the poles by strong winds, they will not budge and stay firmly in the ground. Making sure of this, we have to ensure the potential weak spot, the base.

Using a auger to drill the holes, is not only more easily and most accurate, but it also prevents you from having potential back pains at the end of the day. When the holes have been dug, you are ready to place the poles into the ground. But before we do so, we have to make sure that the base is ready. Like we mentioned before, a solid fence goes hand in hand with a solid base and there’s no better base then one made of gravel and cement or concrete.

Using gravel and cement: put the pole into the hole, fill the hole with the gravel, then pore the thin cement onto the gravel, let it sink in and then let it harden.

Using concrete: making concrete is done in a concrete mixer. When you have your batch of concrete, you are ready to pore it into the hole. First put down a layer of gravel, then proceed with poring the concrete into the hole, while at the same time keeping the pole in place with ‘pole support’ while poring the concrete. After that, spread same more gravel on top of the concrete to get a pretty finished surface. Repeat this process until all pole are place into the ground.

The additional benefit of using gravel underneath the pole, is that the rotting process will be less likely to happen because of the groundwater and so ensuring yourself with a durable wooden fence.

Now we made sure of the base, lets focus on the visible part of your fence and how you can waterproof your fence for a long lasting a durable wooden fence. To make sure that water doesn’t rot away the poles and the fence boards, it is important to use wood of adequate quality. For example, use hardwood for the wooden poles and to make sure the wooden fence boards are impregnated with a waterproof solution. Below we will explain how you can impregnate your wooden fence easily yourself.

Waterproofing your wooden fence

Woodcon makes all wooden surface waterproof.

Wooden fence made water repellent with Woodcon.

The base is now done, the boards have been placed and you reached a nice milestone! Now its time for a cup of tea after all, you deserve it!

After you’ve done this great job of making a stable and durable base, which will give you much pleasure for the coming decennia, its’now time to waterproof the poles and boards of your brand new fence.

Waterproofing is especially important, not only because you spend quite a amount of money purchasing your fence and, even though you had a wonderful time building it, you do want it to last as long as possible.

Because of rain, snow and the winter elements, it’s important to keep out water from the wood. When strong winds hit the fence, the forces are enormous and there is a chance the bearing poles will break. At the same time you want your fence to keep its natural appearance, with the structure of the wood remaining visible. You don’t want a shiny, glimmering layer on your new fence, so you are looking for a substance which waterproofs your fence without affecting the color and texture of the wood.

Woodcon is the answer. Applying Woodcon on the surface of the wood, makes your fence water-repellent and impenetrable for water. After drying, Woodcon will be transparent and not visible for the eye. It will not change the look of the wood. The coating does not only affix to the surface, but also penetrates the surface. Thereby leaving a protective layer that, unlike paint or lacquer, cannot crack, peel or get loose from the wooden surface in any way.

The protective layer is attached to the wood and will stay there. An additional benefit of the coating is that fungi, algae and moss can’t attach themselves to the wood. It also helps to stop woodworms and termites from entering the surface of the wood. Your fence is even better protected against fires after treating it with Woodcon, because of it’s fire retardant properties.

Woodcon can be easily applied on your fence. You can use a paint brush or paint roller, or even sponges. For a larger surface you can also use a low pressure sprayer. Further protective measures are not necessary. The product is not toxic and is human- and environmentally friendly. After applying Woodcon to your fence, it is protected for many many years.

Enjoy your brand new wooden fence!

Woodcon makes all wooden surface waterproof!
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  • Woodcon makes every wood-surface water repellent without discoloring or changing the texture of the wood.
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